Our Services

Servicing the Texas Hill County, contact us for custom cabinets, entertainment centers, libraries and more
We realize how difficult and stressful a kitchen redesign can be. As a result, we will serve as your guide, designers, and carpenters as we work with you on your kitchen remodel from beginning to end. We will be your go-to carpenters and home improvement contractors because we will keep every promise we make to give you a hassle-free, seamless transition from start to finish on your project.

New Construction

When It Comes To Custom Kitchen Cabinets For A New Construction House, Caveside Woodworks Can Assist You In Designing A Space That Matches Your Lifestyle And Has The Look You Like.

Handmade Furniture

Our licensed Caveside Woodworks furniture makers can help you get anything manufactured, whether you have unique taste or a unique area that requires a custom built piece.

Bathroom Remodel

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom. Caveside Woodworks has all of the skills, product knowledge, and unique design concepts you’ll need to design and build your perfect bathroom.

Kitchens Remodel

We are dedicated to providing Canyon Lake, TX and the surrounding communities with high-quality kitchen remodeling services.
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